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Hello and welcome!

My name is Ed Melville and I'm a photographer based near Glastonbury in Somerset. I am an amateur photographer in the Victorian sense of the word - I take pictures for the love of it rather than to make money.

This website features galleries showing my work, which I hope you will enjoy viewing. Copies of images can be supplied on request and may be licensed for reproduction - contact me for details.

If you are looking for a photographer then please see the assignments page here for information on the work that I will undertake. Please note that I don't charge fees as I am not running a business, but I will usually ask for expenses to be covered and a donation to charity from satisfied customers is always appreciated.

Style and Inspiration

My aim is to produce natural-looking pictures and I avoid over-use of photo editing tools.

In my personal work I look for art, romance and creativity, a major source of inspiration being the work and philosophy of the pre-Raphaelite artists and their successors. Living so close to Glastonbury, I can't help including occasional elements of spirituality and mysticism in my images!

Featured Model

The lovely Poppy has been my muse for a long time, and although her other commitments mean that I don't get to photograph her as often as I would like she is very much the featured model on this site. There are lots of different pictures of her to be found in the galleries!

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